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Kingspan Wind Flying the Flag for Small Wind Energy

21 August 2015

Kingspan Wind, a global leading small wind turbine manufacturer and developer has welcomed the announcement of the latest Feed in Tariffs.

Kingspan Wind Flying the Flag for Small Wind Energy

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Kingspan Wind, a global leading small wind turbine manufacturer and developer has welcomed the announcement of the latest Feed in Tariffs.  The company described the news as “very helpful in terms to provide much needed clarity and confidence to the small wind sector.”

Feed in Tariffs (FiT) provide a guaranteed income to land-owners and farmers when excess energy generated by a turbine is fed back into the National Grid.

The news that the small wind tariff is continuing with only a very slight reduction comes amid growing market confusion around available subsides for wind and renewable energy.  

It follows the confirmed closure of the Renewable Obligation, a financial subsidy which was solely aimed at large-scale wind farm projects.

Kingspan Wind’s Richard Caldow, general manager says: “The Renewable Obligation was entirely different to the FiT schemes. “FiTs are financial packages aimed at supporting small installations not wind farms, but the difference between the two sources of subsidy has not been well communicated. 

“It should be a cause for concern because it means people, such as farmers, who would benefit hugely from generating their own energy by installing a small wind turbine are, in many cases, no longer considering it an option.

“The news that the small wind Feed in Tariff will not only be continuing but that the rate has been only slightly altered - by less than one pence per kilowatt hour for installations smaller than 100kW - is obviously welcome.  It should give customers, land owners and developers of small wind energy the confidence to press ahead with new projects in the knowledge that they will still benefit from their investment.”

Mr Caldow continues:  “Producing and using energy at the point of source is absolutely key to power generation in the UK.  We believe that small wind and microgeneration now offers the only viable solution, given how many large-scale projects have been met with development restrictions in recent times”   

The former First Minister for Scotland the Rt Hon Mr Alex Salmond, MSP and MP, met with Kingspan Wind representatives at the Turriff Show 2015 where the company was exhibiting.   He comments: “Scotland currently generates 44.4% of its electricity through renewables and the Scottish Government is committed to increasing this to 100% by the year 2020.

“It’s a shame that the British Government does not share Scotland’s ambitions for a greener, more reliable future.”

Kingspan Wind, which has its head office inAyrshire, has an acclaimed product portfolio featuring 3kW, 6kW and 15kW wind turbineswhich enjoy worldwide popularity.  Over 4,400 of its turbines currently operate in 60 countries, many with more than 20 years’ continuous operation. It also provides a rescue plan to customers of other small turbine manufacturers that are no longer in business and a spare parts range for Proven Energy turbines. 

The company recently launched Energise, a turbine hosting scheme for small wind systems with a finance package that provides an impressive 3.9 per cent return for schools, village halls and other community projects.

More information about small wind turbines can be found at, by calling 01560 486 570, or emailing

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