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KW6 powers through UK storms with exceptional turbine performance

20 January 2014

Customers and owners of the KW6 wind turbine, regarded as one of the most sought after in the world have been reporting some exceptional outputs: Production outputs for December: KW6 in Anglesey 2,217kWh KW6 in West Yorkshire 1,815kWh KW6 in Orkney 2,689kWh KW6 in Northumberland 1,623kWh "With over 4,500 of the KW series of turbines in operation globally, these figures help to dispel the negative myths around wind energy and prove beyond doubt that microgeneration can offer owners exceptional results as well as an excellent return on investment" Gavin Kerr - UK Wind Manager/Kingspan Wind Demand for the KW series of turbines continues to increase with many existing customers now investing in a second or third Kingspan turbine as well as interest from new customers. To find out what a Kingspan Small Wind Turbine can generate for you, please contact us via or call us on 01560 486 570 for a no obligation quotation or to arrange a free site survey.