Offering you the world’s most robust small wind turbines

Kingspan Renewables Powers into the Wind Market

07 March 2012

Kingspan has strengthened its position as a leading global player in the Renewables sector with the launch of Kingspan Wind and the introduction of two small high yield wind turbines (3kW and 6kW), which have been specifically designed to deliver maximum output, efficiency and reliability. 

Acquiring some of the assets from former wind turbine manufacturer Proven Energy, Kingspan has combined patented, high performance technology with long-standing expertise in the sector to form Kingspan Wind, delivering the very best in innovation, customer services and results. 

Comments Kingspan Environmental and Renewables Managing Director Ralph Mannion: "We believe wind power has a significant part to play in meeting pressing government zero-carbon targets and the launch of Kingspan Wind marks our commitment to long-term growth and investment in this sector. We are delighted to be offering world-leading robust, small scale wind turbine technology in our Renewables mix. The turbines complement our existing portfolio of top-of-the-range renewable technology and services perfectly, and we look forward to delivering a new, unique and trusted solution with wind power." 

Aimed at rural domestic, small holdings and agricultural applications, Kingspan Wind turbines offer maximum energy capture and provide consistent optimum performance even in the fiercest of winds due to their patented blade hinge design. Unlike other turbines, which need to brake in high winds to protect themselves, Kingspan Wind's turbine blades pitch and cone, allowing for continual operation in all wind conditions. 

Continues Mannion: "Our turbines not only generate some or all of a premise's energy usage, they have the ability to provide a healthy source of new income for customers, qualifying for Feed-In Tariff (FiT) payments from the Government for every kilowatt hour of electricity generated, as well as an Export tariff for surplus electricity sold back to the grid. For example, at sites with wind speeds of over 6.5m/s, our 6kW turbine can generate an annual income and savings of over £6,000 each year and CO2 savings of 9.6 tonnes." 

The high yield KW3 and MCS certified KW6 turbines are designed to class 1 with survival wind speeds of 54-70 m/s. With a downwind, self-regulating design, the turbines automatically track the wind direction so there is no need for an active yaw control. The turbine blades pitch and cone to provide a unique over-speed protection system, eliminating the need for brakes and ensuring uninterrupted operation even in high winds. The KW6 model provides a Reference Annual Energy (RAE) of 8,949 kWh at 5m/s (annual mean wind speed), while the KW3 provides an RAE of 4700 kWh. Both turbines come with a five year product warranty as standard. 

In line with the company's strong focus on customer service, Kingspan Wind's network of accredited installers provide expert advice along with the highest standards of conduct and workmanship, so people can rest assured they will receive top quality, guaranteed installations and support. The team has over 20 years experience in manufacturing and installing turbines and are specialists in off-grid system design and integration.