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Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines envisioned a small wind turbine at one of the companies terminals spread throughout Alaska. Nome Alaska, was to be the home to Alaska's first and largest wind turbine installed at a commercial airport facility. Alaska Airlines sought out a firm capable of professionally facilitating such an install. Alaskan Wind Industries was tasked with the duties of installing the system envisioned by Alaska Airlines.

Alaskan Wind Industries installed a grid connected KW6 system in Nome to assist the terminal with it's power needs. Also installed at the facility is a 1kW grid connected solar array on the roof of the terminal.

Corporate Project
An investment was sought to combat current energy costs
Wind Turbine that would keep producing in high winds and for backup power.
Will supply energy to Nome Airport and supply backup power


Alaska Airline's system is expected to pay for itself within a few years at current utility costs, and utilization of all available incentives. With an average wind speed around 14mph in Nome, this hybrid system is expected to produce over 1,200kWh a month.

Alaska Airlines hired a consulting firm to work with FAA and USDOT as well as a myriad of other agencies to get the proper permits to proceed with the first wind turbine on airport property in North America. The results however limited the turbine to a tower height of only 29' to the turbine hub, yet Alaska Airlines hopes the requirements will be reviewed and reconsidered in the event of other esquires into a similar installation.

Alaskan Wind Industries financial team, supplied Alaska Airlines with underwriting for a 30% business cash grant to help the airline realize a larger return on investment and to assist with a quicker payoff on their new system.

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