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Matiu Somes Island

Kingspan Wind turbine installation on an island in Wellington Harbour has been awarded New Zealand’s Best Wind Installation 2012. Wind and solar energy now power the whole of Matiu-Somes Island, a nature and scientific reserve situated in Wellington Harbour which attracts around 22,000 visitors per year. The island had been powered by diesel generators, which provided just 10 hours power per day and transporting diesel to the island was very expensive.

The renewable solution, which has a battery back-up, has proved to be highly reliable, providing a 24-hour power supply to the whole island and providing far more comfortable living conditions.

The Kingspan Wind KW6 turbines are connected to a monitoring device, proving real-time information online about the amount of energy the turbines have generated. Any surplus energy is used to power new electric appliances, further reducing the requirement for bottled gas and diesel generators are now little used, dramatically lowering their running and maintenance costs. Furthermore, CO2 emissions have been reduced to a minimum, which is especially good for an area of such scientific and natural interest.

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