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Moss Farm, Ince Blundell

Moss Farm is a converted and extended farm building, now in use as a domestic residence. Having a large south facing outbuilding and an ample supply of wind, the owner recognised that the property was ideally placed to generate some electricity.

After we had conducted an onsite assessment - taking into consideration current energy use, location and budget - we recommended a small wind installation. The turbine has been designed to connect to the national grid enabling all surplus electricity generated to be recorded and sold back to the energy supplier.

The Kingspan KW6 was chosen due to its size, power output and efficiency and running noise. The turbine is 75 metres from the house, so noise was a key factor in its selection. The 6kW Wind Turbine enables the owner generate more power than the family needs in the main 16th century farmhouse.

We have estimated that the 6kW system will generate 10,000kWh of electricity in the first year. 10 months after we completed the installation it has already generated 9,000kWh! The owner commented "I installed the turbine because I have always wanted to generate my own power and protect myself from future increased costs. After 10 months of running it has proved it will do exactly that, with the benefit of the feed in tariff it will also provide an income which will be a much welcome added benefit."

"Everyone asks me if it is noisy, well it's not silent, it is only 75m from our house and we can never hear it when we are inside. The installation was very smooth, the foundation was prepared within one day left to cure for 4 weeks then the install team returned and erected the tower and connected everything to the power supply within another day and a half.

"During the recent storms we lost three trees around our fields, the turbine continued to generate power at it's maximum rate of 6KW consistently throughout the high winds. Probably the best investment I have ever made!

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