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Business Energy

Businesses and commercial enterprises across Europe are now required to undergo energy and carbon monitoring audits to aid the compliance of the energy efficiency objectives imposed to all large companies.

The integration of Small Wind Turbines can help to accelerate all businesses ambitions of achieving the relevant energy management and carbon reduction plans which will be imposed, utilising a business’s land assets with renewable energy developments. 

Hundreds of businesses across the globe are already benefiting from the installation of Kingspan Wind Turbines, from Water Utilities, Telecom Operators to Retail and Leisure businesses.

Under the Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme, Kingspan Wind and our partner network of suppliers and installers can assist with the delivery of renewable energy developments which can make a significant impact on any businesses energy needs.

With Kingspan Wind, businesses can:

  1. Secure Your Energy Future
  2. Reduce Your Energy Cost
  3. Offset Carbon Emissions
  4. Provide a Sustainable Business Platform

At Kingspan Wind we pride ourselves on our own NET ZERO policy, which makes us one of the most obvious suppliers and installers to help achieve the ESOS objectives.

Should the necessary land not be available for all businesses, Kingspan Wind can assist with the qualification of off-site developments that will still help any business achieve its carbon reduction and energy management objectives. 

Our team can assist with:

  1. Site Feasibility
  2. System Design
  3. Supply & Installation
  4. Planning & Grid Support
  5. Commissioning & Registration
  6. Servicing Contracts
  7. Data Monitoring

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